Supervised Independent Living Services

Supervised Independent Living Services

Community Villages DFW believes that every young adult leaving foster care should have the relationships, resources, and opportunities to ensure well-being and success. We follow Jim Casey Operating Principles: authentic youth engagement, equity and inclusion, partnerships and resources, data and self-evaluation, public will and policy

Young adults ages 18-22 have the opportunity to learn essential life skills and practice living independently, while still having the support of and guidance of our caring staff.

Our young adults live in fully furnished and equipped residences. They are provided with a supportive environment to develop home maintenance and self-sufficiency skills such as cooking, cleaning, and developing relationships with members of their community. They have 24/7 access to Supervised Independent Living staff. Staff help provide transitional living and community integration program components while managing each youth’s individualized client-centered service plan.

We make announced and unannounced visits to the home, day and night.  Case managers meet with young adults daily for the first week, twice per week for weeks 2-4 and once per week after that.

Placement Criteria

  • Young adults, age 17 to 22, in the custody of the state
  • Can be male or female
  • All youth must be referred and must complete an interview with an Independent Living Specialist for admission
  • Demonstrated care of property
  • Demonstrated ability to follow societal rules
  • Demonstrated some stability in past placements
  • Demonstrated ability and willingness to find and maintain employment

Program Goals

To ensure success, participants must complete four of six goals that are set out by our program. These goals allow our Young adults to have an independent living plan in place, work towards completing their education and obtaining a vocation, and maintain positive relationships as well as a job.

•Young adult will have saved $1,500 for living expenses by discharge date.

•Young adult will have graduated from high school, received GED, or actively participate in an educational program.

•Young adult will be employed for at least 90 of the last 120 days.

•Young adult has identified and displayed ongoing contact with a positive mentor.

•Client has identified safe, reasonable living arrangements and completed a plan to live independently.

•Meeting 80% of goals on transitioning to independent service plan.

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